5 Signs of a Poor Real Estate Agent


5 Signs of a Poor Real Estate Agent

While you are selling a house, even a tiny factor can change the entire scenario. One of those factors that matters the most is the kind of agent you have given the job to for the processing. However, an agent is not the only factor that affects the real estate market, this market, in general, is not performing well in several countries currently. India is currently seeing a slump of its own through various assets that are unsold and under construction which is costing the sector at least 4.5 trillion rupees across the seven major cities. Apart from this, certain factors can still tilt the particular market in your favor, and there are some signs you can interpret to understand if your real estate agent is up to the mark.

1. Communication

Communication is key. This is true for a lot of aspects, especially relationships; in this case, in your relationship with the real estate agent, this statement rings true. Regular communication is required with your agent, if this is not the case with you, then search for a better agent. Even without your house not getting shown to potential buyers, called for a showing, or even if the agent has found no potential buyer that meets your requirements, you should still be informed. If you’re just proceeding into the market, make sure that you and your agent decide on a schedule of communication for regular updates or simply to catch you up on the work being done for a successful sale. Think about the importance you give this sale and expect the same treatment from your real estate agent as well.

2. Your best professional representation

The real estate agent should be the right compromise between someone who is willing to consider your input on related matters and who is more of an expert to contest the viability of the options that you offer. Anyone who is willing to nod along to all your schemes and asks for your valuation before setting the same price is not someone who has the leadership qualities and the right skill set that you will want on your side. On the other hand, someone who is dead set on following their instinct and is not willing to incorporate your input, no matter the hard work and research you have put in, is also not the kind of inflexible real estate agent that fits you. If the agent takes in your suggestions and requirements and reflects this while selling the house on your behalf in the form of the best representation, this is the ideal kind of agent you would want. A unique strategy is where you can ask your agent to use a research form that best fits them when setting pricing strategies, advertisement plans, and more regarding the sale of your house. Let them take the lead while you should be informed enough to know if they are taking an accurate path that provides you profit.

3. Utilize available resources

There is a certain appreciation for effective resource utilization which should make you demand a real estate agent with this specific quality. The ideal real estate agent will use all the resources at their disposal before proceeding forward with the sale of the house. Only experience-required skills and the willingness to adapt to every new challenge by growing further will allow the agent to be aware of all the existing resources available in the market. He/she should then proceed to study the viability of such ideas in practical scenarios and then use them for upcoming customers, like yourself. Other real estate agents will take the least effort possible and even divert your work to other real estate agents who do the work of marketing your house and making it appealing to potential buyers according to your requirements. Real estate translates to a lot of research that provides the best market, the best buyer, the best outlook of a house, and the best time and season for selling and buying a house; every real estate agent is expected to know such information of the particular market they engage in, at the least.

4. Efforts for marketing and researching

List out certain standards that you expect your Real Estate agent to uphold and stand by them, no matter any flimsy excuse. Make sure they take adequate photos of the property in all its flattering angles, take down the necessary information and write the required descriptions for your house in its sale. Also, ensure that they provide advertisements in all mediums where the property has the best chance of being noticed by a potential buyer. List everywhere that you may think there is a chance, including distributing flyers and putting the information on various real estate websites and local newspapers. Any real estate agent could convince you that all of these are efforts too small to make any difference, but as the owner of the house, you are depending on the smallest action to reap possible rewards.

5. Unnecessary pressure

Look out for unprecedented and out-of-boundary pressure on yourself to sell to a certain person or buy a certain property. Such compulsion could generally indicate vested interests, wherein the agent is working for both such sales. By law, they are required to mention this to you beforehand, but if these facts are not publicized to you but you are bombarded by an unnecessary amount of pressure, do some background research from your side. You could potentially be pushed towards a sale that is listed by the same agent or the company, where there are additional commissions involved. This is acting against your best interest and if you get to know about such an incident, do not hesitate to present your unhappiness and displeasure with such an outcome. Don’t mistake a knowledgeable and educated opinion to be a compulsion. If you have a real estate agent who is confident enough to express their opinion to inform you, then that is the kind of individual you want operating your purchase or sale.

Following up is always positive

In every aspect, follow-up is a great initiative and ensures a lack of trouble. Most real estate agents believe that their responsibility is over when the sale of the house is done – buying or selling. This means their payment is complete as is the transaction of the house and the respective payments concerning the same. Beyond this date, if any real estate agent calls you up and asks about your happiness with the transaction, he/she goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. This is a pretty good indicator of having an agent that was concerned about your experience rather than simply getting over it. If the agent recommends crediting such an after-sales experience, it makes them the best option to go forward with. This is ensuring that further businesses and good customer relationships are made for the future benefit of both parties.

General tips

Some other clear signs include the major fact that there has been no progress on your sale despite it being months. Of course, it depends on if you’re being highly critical of the potential pool of buyers or possible choices of houses you could buy from. Think from an objective sense and attempt to analyze if your real estate agent is to blame as well. If there are no showing of homes and if every time you call up your agent, they give you weak excuses of not having come across options that are suited to you after such a long period, it is guaranteed you should be suspicious. If they are showing you home with obvious negative factors that you had detailed to them before, despite repeated instructions, it is high time to change your agent in this instance. Before selling the house, an agent who first ventures to provide you with an overall view of the market you wish to step into and an analysis of the local market trends is the perfect agent. With this, you can rest assured that they will take the required steps to price your home correctly, make sure the marketing targets the intended buyers, ensure that the maximum number of people is being exposed to your sale, etc. Generally, less than two years of experience can be a bummer but do give out some time to interview the individual and judge their qualifications, and ideas before stepping forward with a final judgment. Look out for any sort of bias dependent on the sale that you are giving your agent; if they’re providing more attention to another client because of the larger commission they’re receiving from their bigger house, this is a case of professional bias and you must immediately change the agent.

These are only a few of the many red flags that you must look out for when choosing a real estate agent. In scenarios of local real estate markets, an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent is highly essential for a successful sale, so take the time to browse through the available options and make your choice carefully. Once you fix one, you can be assured to some extent of a successful sale or buying a house.

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