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8 House Features that can Change a Buyer’s Decision

8 House Features that can Change a Buyer’s Decision

Ritika | 2022-07-13

When buyers start searching for houses, they focus on several things. Even a tiny detail influences their decision of buying a property. Facets that buyers notice could be a prime location, interior, walls, smell of a house, etc. All these facets could prove to be in favor of you to sell your house or could delay your contract with a buyer. It is agreeable that the entire house cannot be redesigned to sell it, but certain factors can surely help change the buyer’s decision in your favor.

1. Focus on the perks of low-maintenance

Every potential buyer looks for a trouble-free house where they do not have to make any changes and the house does not require any major upkeep. Mostly what they desire are all durable equipment and items which are easily removable and interchangeable without any effort. Therefore, before you sell your house, take a close look and renovate areas that can be well-maintained without much effort.

2. Clean and tidy makes a good sale

Cleanness and tidiness are two important aspects of a good-looking house with happy vibes. Space does not matter if a house is full of clutter. What attracts buyers’ attention is the tidiness and cleanliness of the space, interior, and look of a house. So, when you are planning to sell it, check certain points, like there shouldn’t be any damaged wall, no outdated carpet on the floor, and remove any old curtain, or cushion set. These tiny changes will present an entirely different look for your house in front of buyers.

3. You can also think of replacing any worn-out furniture.

Begin with an extensive cleaning of your house which is a mandatory point. An area that might require cleaning includes the bathroom, table, corner of the house, dishes, bedroom, and living area. Also, applying a fresh coat of paint on walls will give a new look to your house. Once your renovation work is done, you can confidentially put your house on sale which will attract potential buyers. 

That being said about cleanness, keeping floors clean is necessary. Make sure there is no dirt or any old carpet on the floor. If a buyer comes in to check and notices dirt, their focus will get diverted and they will start doubting about buying a house. Instead of checking the interior and space, a buyer will start noticing dirt everywhere. So if you are planning to sell your house on good terms, then keep your house tidy and clean first. Change any old carpet, install updated rugs, you can also choose the wooden carpet which is in trend.

4. Develop the first impression

As they say, the first impression is the last. Take a tour of your own house and see if it requires any remodeling or cleanness. For starters, on every corner or siding, you can use strong pressure-like equipment to clean it up. Take a look at your windows, use window cleaner to clean them properly which will then let sunlight come inside your house to give a flash of natural lightning. Not only inside of a house, but outside surroundings also matter a lot. So make sure you have a well-maintained lawn or garden. Fresh flower pots in the garden can always work in your favor.

Before you start making changes and maintaining the inside of your house, check your entry to the home. You're beautiful and clean inside won’t matter if your entrance has issues. So your entrance must be intact which will increase your chances of a good sale of your house. Check if there is any leakage as it gives a bad impression and discourages buyers from purchasing it.

5. Emphasize the location

Always a prime factor but the least point considered by all is location. Choose your location wisely. An attractive location is where your neighborhood is clean and tidy, where it looks spacious to walk, and the interior is of modern design. A location should satisfy the needs of a buyer so they can purchase it without any second thought. If basic amenities like shopping outlets, grocery stores, medical stores, food courts, and retail shops are easy to access, then there could not be any perfect location than this. Garden and parks are icing on the cake in a location if a family with children is planning to buy your house. You can make a list of all these amenities and flaunt it to buyers to make a better deal.

6. Smart Homes

Being smart is what is needed the most in today’s world. If your house has advanced technology installed then bingo, you are on the top list of every buyer. Imagine, if there are technologies installed, and you can use your smartphone to access the house door, lights, and other facilities, then who wouldn’t want to purchase such a house. This is the time of artificial intelligence where everything is at our fingertips. Smart homes will increase your comfort and will give a new definition of luxury to society. In front of smartness, location and other factors do not matter that much.

7. Lighting

We have discussed the importance of cleanliness, tidiness, and smartness. Now comes, lightning. Do you know, even a perfect dress looks dull when you get ready in a dark room. Lightning plays an important role, it transforms your house completely. Install bright and good lights which will shine in the eyes of buyers at once and they will be ready to purchase property at once.

As much as artificial light is important, think of settling with natural light as well. If you have a large window installed, keep it clean and let natural light shine inside your house. This gives residents a positive and warm vibe and they feel happy to stay. You can also use a mirror to strike light in, this technique always works well. And replace any broken piece or bulb, as damaged items do not give an auspicious vibe and distract us from a stay-in. using a lamp in a room is also a good option.

8. Miscellaneous tips

So far we have discussed a few options which will attract buyers’ attention to our house, but this is not it. There are many ways which will improve our chances of selling the house at the best price. 

You can think of fixing the fence for a change. Also, take advice from an inspector who does house inspection, they can suggest ways if there is any scope of renovation before putting your house on sale. And you can also flaunt about house inspection to buyers which will set a good impression in front of them. Finally, you can sell your house anytime, but before you do that, check all these factors discussed above to remove any hurdle in the sale process.

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