5 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Living Room Carpet
Living Room Carpet Ideas - 5 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Floor

Living Room Carpet Ideas - 5 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Floor

Ritika | 2022-05-19

The core benefit of living room carpet is the extraordinary extent of decorating possibilities that it extends, due to the vast array of colors and textures, alongside the feeling of warmth underfoot.

The distinct types of carpet pilpilesailable state that you can set up a dramatically unique look and feel, from the seamlessness of velvet pile to the sumptuous lavishness of Saxony.

Our experts explored an immense range of living room carpet areas and came up with the 5 best options for your living room!

Let’s undergo them in depth!

Living room Carpet Ideas – Embrace the Cozy Feel of Carpet

Ranging from patterned carpets to plain carpets, wool to sisal, all these inviting floor-coverings carry a welcome warmth to your favorite living room ideas.

1. Choose Lavishness With A Wool Carpet

Wool is the preferred choice for a living room carpet or rug, not just because it is a natural fiber but also for its hardwearing properties and natural springiness, which turn it resistant to compressing through furniture and footsteps.

Moreover, it is also warm and smooth with a lavish and unmatched feel. 

2. Consider Color Selections

Even though the majority of us are still select neutral carpets, subtle adaptations are infiltrating. The traditional gold and beige tones are being supplanted by greys, taupes, and stone shades.

Moreover, a strong color is also taken into usage now in a similar fashion as wallpaper, to set up an accent. Damsons and plums are also famous living room color schemes.

3. Insert Texture Into Your Flooring

Texture in interior design is basic, and no more so than on a living room carpet. At the ultimate end of the market, textured carpets are cleanse and crisp, without having heavy patterns. Although, now we witness this seamless surface being broken up by ribbed, herringbone, or checked structures. 

A deep, long pile extends flooring the feel-good element, while a blend of high and low pile heights can be quite lavish. This renders you a carpet that feels virtuous at a reasonable rate.

4. Consider Playing With Pattern

The modern living room trends recommend that patterns in the back with a big role. Stripes are in – and are now available in multiple brave colorways – ideal for stairs and small living rooms.

The master of stripes Roger Oates champions the flexibility of stripes. You can be bold with widths and colors to set up drama or utilize fine lines for an additional classic or subtle impact.

Floral structures are also coming back. There is a trend for structures persuaded by the flowers and fauna found in nature.

5.  Focus on Materials

If you’re in search of more extraordinary effects and finishes, you can think of some of the more unexpected fibers. Besides, there is a growing trend of utilizing a percentage of silk or artificial silk, which extends the look of silk at a moderate rate.

Apart from this, Lama is also another sleek option, which is more robust than sheep wool and comes in many non-dyed natural shades. Lavish mohair has a distinct feel, and is a dense pile, with a slight natural oiliness that defends the fibers.

Which Carpet is the Best for My Living room?

We’re sure, this could be the main question, and most of the readers will come across it after undergoing the above 5 living room carpet options. So, here we’ve got the precise answer for you!

Wool is often accounted as the best carpet choice for a living room as its hardwearing properties and softness underfoot turn it resistant to compressing through furniture and footsteps. 

Besides, if you are seeking additional endurance, look no further than a mix of 80% wool with 20% nylon or other fibers like polypropylene.

In contrast, polyamide (nylon) is quite steady and holds high abrasion resistance, thus, it is often mixed with wool, even though it can be utilized on its own to produce low-cost living room carpets.

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