Mivan's Latest construction technology

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Mivan's Latest construction technology

The Mivan shuttering method uses aluminum formwork to provide strength and continuity to a structure. It's more important than the traditional ray, column, and slip-up construction. This technology doesn't use columns and rays but involves walls and crossbeams cast in easy-to-handle pre-engineered aluminum forms.

In the 1990s, Mivan Technology developed aluminum formwork systems. Later, they started manufacturing these systems, so they became known as Mivan Technology.

Use Mivan in India

So far, the technology has not been used significantly in India. The idea is famous in Gulf countries, Europe, and some parts of Asia. However, its use is being promoted in India to recognize the boldest authorities scheme – Housing for all by using 2022.

The technique of the Mivan Construction

Installation of wall rebar - wall rebar is used to give structure to the building and to support the concrete until it reaches half of its required strength. The aluminum formwork is cast around factory-manufactured steel mesh and assembled directly on-site.

Placement of Aluminium Formwork

Prefabricated room-sized wall and floor panels are erected along wall stiffeners. These aluminum alloy plates are precision machined and easy to use. These structures also incorporate space for other elements such as windows, ducts, doors, stairs, façade panels, and chajas. The formwork is connected using a bolt wedge system and can be dismantled immediately after the concrete structure is manufactured.

Concrete Pouring

 After pouring the formwork, pour high-quality concrete. This concrete takes the shape and form of the pour and is later removed to create a structure made entirely of cement concrete and supported by the rebar of the walls. Aluminum molds can be reused at least 250 times, minimizing waste on the construction site.

What are the advantages of Mivan formwork technology?

The first and most important advantage of using this technology is construction speed. Narendra Karkhanis, his COO at Pashmina Developers, said: “Mivan Technology cuts construction time by almost half compared to traditional methods. Structurally, this technology makes the building more earthquake-resistant and durable.” Because there are few, there is a little leak in the building, too, and little maintenance is necessary. Mivan The structure is one piece, and the walls and panels are smooth-finished. Additionally, this technology offers the possibility of extracting more carpet area compared to conventional technology.

Mivan Technology's structure also has some drawbacks. Edge lines may be visible in the finished structure due to the small size of the components used. Once a structure is created, it is difficult to change and the building lacks flexibility. Walls and ceilings may also show cracks due to shrinkage. By using control strips within the structure or by using fly ash to reduce the heat of hydration, this can be prevented.

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