Selection of land/Plot as per Vastu

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Selection of land/Plot as per Vastu

Acquiring a plot of land needs extensive legal paperwork, verification, and expert consultation. One type of expert is a Vastu expert, who advises buyers to be aware of Vastu Shastra guidelines to make sure the new purchase would bring luck and prosperity to the owner. It is a known reality that not every plot has an ideal Vastu. However, there are straightforward ways to neutralise some Vastu doshas.


Vastu advice for plot structure


Steer clear of purchasing land portions with odd shapes like oval, semi-circular, round, triangular, or L-shaped. Plots with a rectangle or square shape are always preferred. It is considered that these kinds of layouts promote wealth and pleasure.

Pot-shaped plots should only be purchased after consulting with Vastu specialists, who are able to analyse the layout and provide you with the best advice.

Plots with cow faces, or Gaumukhi, are highly auspicious for building a house. These plots have a narrow front and a wider back. But ensure that the roads are on the plots' west and south sides.

Purchasing a Shermukhi or lion-faced land is particularly lucky if you are buying it to erect commercial buildings. These plots have a wider front and a narrower back. The roads ought to come from the plot's eastern and northern edges.


Vastu principles for arranging roads around plots


Good Site 

Road that leads from the east to the plot's northeast corner.


The north-east-facing road that enters the land from the north.

Average site 

AvRoad strikes the northwest portion of the site from the west.

Road that enters the southeast portion of the plot from the south.

Bad site

Road that enters the plot from the west and travels through the southwest.


A road that approaches the southeast corner of the plot from the east.


Road that enters the plot from the north and travels through the northwest.


Road that enters the south-west portion of the plot from the south.

Vastu advice for plot surrounds

Plots should not be located next to temples since the negative energies that people (followers and guests) bring in can also permeate your house.

A large tree around your property should not be there because cutting it down would be highly unfortunate and require obtaining permission from the authorities.

Since the northeast corner of the site is where the water is, the power pole shouldn't be located there.

Plots should have their entrances facing either northeast or east. Speak with your local priest if there is a southern entrance to the plot.

Solutions for Vastu flaws

If you purchased an irregularly shaped plot, you can use compound walls to divide it into two normal plots.

If the land has an extension towards the south-west, build a shop or garage there. Should the plot be extended to the north-east, build a modest temple and design a garden; if not, extend the plot to the north, east, or north-east.

Vastu pyramids can also be used to offset the effects of plot extensions in various directions. For example, in the north-west extension, a brass pyramid may be utilised, and in the south-west extension, a lead pyramid. Copper strips are also perfect for the southeast extension.

Vastu advice on purchasing plots

  • If the earth has a decomposing stench, steer clear of purchasing such a plot. It is also best to stay away from a plot that is covered in rocks, worms, thorns, bones, or other unlucky materials.

  • Digging is said to be exceedingly fortunate if items like cow horns, conch, turtles, copper, gravel, bricks, etc. are found. Finding cowries, tiles, worn-out clothing, coal, iron, lead, gold, gemstones, and crude oil, on the other hand, is unlucky.

  • The land shouldn't be situated close to a hospital or cemetery. Additionally, there shouldn't be any industrial structures next to the site.

  • Steer clear of plots that are positioned between two big structures.

  • Mountains to the north of the plot and a river to the south are regarded as unlucky locations.

  • Plots with green foliage and corners are thought to bring good fortune.

  • For commercial use, plots with running roads encircling them are suitable.
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