Vaastu tips for every homeowner

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Vaastu tips for every homeowner

Vaastu shastra is an old concept in which the architecture is built using the fundamentals of the Indian community, especially among the Hindus. The basic idea comes from the simple fact that when a house is made, it should match its surroundings and also reflect positivity. So it combines the natural elements such as water, air, fire, earth, and sky. The explanation becomes easier to follow when the building is built with instructions on these simple elements, such as setting the base and the place of many the homes. Many people like to move into apartments that are already built and even furnished. In this case, following science can be complicated but not completely impossible. It is easy to say that Vastu shastra is not useful, but this is a fact that, at its roots, comes from a useful concept, and most of them make sense.

Your entrance 

Vastu tells about the nooks and corners of each room in the home. It may add restrictions while you are designing your home. For example, the southeast corner of the bourse is the best for the kitchen, and if you want to have a prayer room, the northeast corner is ideal for this. For the people who are living in homes that are already built, they can still bring in the lessons in their daily life by seeing these tips given for decorating the house in harmony and natural elements. These give a positive vibe in the house. Vaastu says that the doorway or entrance is an important palace for consideration as it is an actual and metaphorical stepping stone of the house. The ideal placement of the door should be towards the north, east, or even northeast direction. If someone wants to look for a new home altogether, they can not go for houses in the south or west. This is a very important thing, but to ensure that the entrance door there is both attention and dignity as compared to the other doors of the house, it should be more attractive and made of stronger and more durable wood. It should have a greater length and should open in the clockwise direction as the phrase anti imbibes negativity. 

Make sure that the entrance of the house is lighted quite well. It is important as you step towards the house. It should be within the bright light and not in the darkness. Darkness is taken to be giving bad luck and misfortune in the Hindu culture. This also means that the main door of the house should not be in lack of color. So considering this, if there are any empty spaces in the house, like an open wall, the believers can always worship the idol of Ganesha or even have a frame. This idol is considered to be the remover of obstacles and evil and the bringer of prosperity. You should avoid keeping the dustbin or shoe rack outside the house, so place it inside. Take care that the bathrooms should be located near the main door. Also, make sure that no animals statue or figurines are replaced near the entrance of the main door. If you want to keep decorative items or fancy elements that make your space lively, ensure you avoid fountains in front of the main door. They do not look good aesthetically and obstruct, per Vastu shastra. You should invest in a proper and fancy nameplate that attracts the viewer from the first time they look at it and have it put on the main door. For people who like many designs, torans are a good idea for the archway. They are used a lot in Indian, Buddhist, and Hindu architecture. This last attracts positive vibes towards the nameplate and brings good luck to its bearer.

Your meditation room 

 If you plan to build a prayer or meditation room, then you should go for the northeast corner for this. A meditation room is a good idea for relaxation and taking time off our stressful lives. It also helps in getting a good idea about our character and the best palace to practice a yoga routine. A few incense candles. And diyas, which you light up daily, would not be a bad idea. These ensure that there is always a good smell and negate any negative energy that may be there. You can use pleasant colors of your choice, such as yellow, light blue, or even white, as they give a good welcome vibe to those who come in the room and ensures that there is a presence of spiritual energy. You should face towards the east while praying. The ideal direction when seeking spiritual guidance is this.

Your living room and courtyard

The living room is just as important as the entrance. It is the palace where the guests are, and it Is also the palace where you spend quality time with your daily members and other residents of the house. It is also the staging room for all the things that you do. You should ensure that the living room is always clean and clutter-free. By this, you can both present an image of leading an organized life to your guests and ensure you do not see negativity after a long and hard day at work. If you have a mirror in the living room, place it on the north wall. Place a wind chime in the proper place that experiences more airflow. It should have an attachment of metal balls because it creates a soothing sound. It also possesses the ability to drive away the negative energy that could come into the house. If you are a lover of arts and culture, and even if you are not, consider keeping paintings of soothing images, luck, and water that flows freely, rivers switch fishes, and anything that provides calm when you witness or see it. A positive and calming image can bring you good luck and prosperity. You should also get an aquarium with active and healthy fish to improve upon the aesthetics and ambiance. Use heavy furniture such as couches, divans, and sofa sets towards the southwest side of the living room and place the electronics in the southeast.

 The courtyard of the house can be the available space in either the interior or exterior of the home. It is traditionally seen in movies. This makes it easier o follow the requirement of it being at the center point of the house with a circumference of 1.5 meters. This space should not have any obstacles and should be regularly maintained and cleaned. Try out making the courtyard floor of things using marble, pebbles, or concrete for a more traditional look. Use also a few pants and some herbs. 

Your bedroom

 A bedroom is a place where a lot of attention is centered when you are constructing a house. As the living room plays as a source of energy for your guests outside, so is the bedroom for your comfort and space. Your bedroom should repress what your style is and give preferences in the design and setup. It should be exactly to your taste. If you want an optimistic vibe d a peaceful presence,  we suggest you locate your bedroom in the southwest direction of the house. This is said to be in good health and well-being for the residents. If a bedroom is in the northeast direction or the southwest, It cannot keep a positive vibe. The first location can contribute to health issues, and the second position increases quarrels among married couples. Keep to the warm aesthetic colors that are not very bright and also some earthy shades or a good impact on the body and mind. Place the mirror or TV in a direction that doesn't reflect your bed. The bed should be placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom, and your head should face the west direction. One should wake as the sun rises in the east. For the couples using this bedroom, make sure to go for a single mattress, and the wife should sleep on the left side of the bed. The room should be less of paintings that depict water, fountains, or temples, as Vastu says that it can cause random and unexplained emotional problems. You can go for aromatic and relaxing oils or air fresheners for a romantic ambiance and fresh smell. These were some measures for positivity that will keep you vibrant and cheerful as you wake up and ensure at your day starts and ends well.

Obviously, for a house to become home, the structure of the house should have a positive vibe to it and should be relaxing. This may be a new piece of information, but Vastu says that no two houses have the same kind of energy and the development of a unique force is in the hands of the residents of that place. It should be according to their tastes and preferences, which is why different styles, such as minimalism, have come up. Any energy field within the same house influences the person who lives in the house, and it can be good or bad. You must ensure that this energy field works well for you as it is one of deciding factors for living in the home. If you live with your daily, the collective energy should be matching with the house for better family life. Whale many people regard Vastu shastra as a joke, following the simple elements related to science has proved to be successful in increasing positivity. So go and try these different things with your house and see how your living space transforms from a house to a home.

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