Internet laughs as builder promotes vast water storage despite city's drought difficulties

By Bricksnwall | 2024-07-08

Internet laughs as builder promotes vast water storage despite city's drought difficulties

A Bengaluru builder's commercial promoting a new project as a water-rich villa community sparks debate on social media amid ongoing water scarcity concerns.

In a comical twist despite Bengaluru's perennial water troubles, a builder used "abundant water storage" as the key promotional feature for their newest project in the city, which struck a funny chord with people on the internet given the city's present severe water storage.

Several Bengaluru locals rushed to social media to share a photo of a hoarding featuring an advertisement for a real estate firm, Urbanrise.


When announcing their latest project, "Paradise on Earth," a villa community, the builder chose to highlight its incredible water storage capacity - a whopping 3.85 crore litres - rather than specifics such as the number of villas or price per square foot.


Social media users shared photos of the hoarding with captions that read, "How Bengaluru is selling apartments." Scary and amusing at the same time.

How Bengaluru sells apartments. A sad narrative concerning our huge cities. "A wake-up call to our city administrators!" another wrote.


"Paradise on Earth, located in Gangasandra, is encircled by 2,190 acres of beautiful green reserve forests, right in the heart of nature. "Paradise on Earth is Bengaluru's first sustainable villa community," the company said.

While the advertising elicited laughter on the internet, it also sparked an online debate regarding the city's water-related issues. 

"At least they recognised the problem," a user commented on the post.


"A new way to marketing has arisen, with individuals now encouraging using water. In 20 years, billboards may feature luxury houses surrounded by large amounts of oxygen...," another responder remarked.

Source: HindustanTimes

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