Indian have the chance to research foreign residency, real estate, and citizenship by investment programmes

By Bricksnwall | 2023-10-23

Indian have the chance to research foreign residency, real estate, and citizenship by investment programmes

The potential to invest overseas and diversify wealth is the main factor driving HNIs' interest in foreign investing.

On October 27 and 28, 2023, at Le Meridien in New Delhi, the fifteenth International Real Estate Expo, IREX Residency, & Citizenship Conclave will take place. The programme is a distinctive platform that provides Indian individuals with a range of opportunities and prospects for overseas real estate investments, residency, and citizenship by investment programmes worldwide.

IREX offers investment opportunities for high net-worth and wealthy people who want to invest in luxury properties and international real estate. Leading international real estate developers and marketing firms will participate in IREX 2023 in New Delhi, which is anticipated to bring more than 1000 visitors. Corporations offering real estate investment and residency/citizenship by investment possibilities from Canada, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, UK, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Malta, Greece, Australia, Vanuatu, the Caribbean, and EB5 corporations from the USA will participate in the event.

The event is hosted in connection with the IREX Residency & Citizenship Conclave 2023, a singular platform that provides Indian individuals with a variety of possibilities and prospects for citizenship and residency by investment throughout the world. International real estate firms, immigration consultants, legal advisors, government agencies, property developers, and other stakeholders are all together under one roof at the conclave.

A conference will be held in addition to the exhibition and will focus on various aspects, prospects, and opportunities of real estate and immigration by investment. Individual country presentations will be given by real estate developers, immigration experts, and lawyers from top international companies with expertise in the area.

This conference's major topics will be international investment opportunities and various financial and legal repercussions of doing business abroad. EB5 Experts will host a unique panel discussion on the prospects and potential of the US government's EB5 Investor Visa Programme. There will also be a panel discussion on "Trending Destinations for Investment for Indians," where experts from each nation will discuss their individual projects and initiatives.

'Investment Migration Insider' reports that the global industry for investment immigration is expanding at a rate of 23% per year and, if current trends hold, will generate $100 billion in income by 2025.

Over the past few years, the demand for immigration motivated by investment has been growing rapidly across the globe. Covid-19 has increased the appeal of investment migration, which has been continuously expanding in popularity. The ability to invest overseas, diversify wealth, and have access to world families are the main factors driving HNIs to pursue foreign investment, along with tax advantages and visa-free travel. A second passport investment also allows investors and their families access to international employment, educational, and lifestyle options.

Indian nationals are becoming more interested in obtaining foreign citizenship through investment opportunities due to the numerous benefits they offer. Additionally, many international developers provide simple payment plans with modest down payments because interest rates abroad are far lower than those found in the Indian market, which makes these offers more alluring. The Indian investors would be able to locate real estate investment opportunities and acquire information through this presentation to enable them to make wise investment selections.

United Development Company, Qatar, Grnata Real Estate Bahrain, Resimax Group, Australia, EB5 United, Vardikos & Vardikos, Greece & Dominica, Peach Tree Group, USA, Sobha Realty, Dubai, Investment Visa, Greece, and Golden Gate Global are the show's primary sponsors. Other participants include Citizen Lane, Germany & Austria; KLD LLP; EB5 Capital; Machas & Partners; Helios Overseas; Harvey Law Group; ACT Advisory Malta; Hayman-Woodward; Oxbridge Global Finance & Migration; Caribbean; CS Global Partners; Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau; and numerous others.

At IREX 2023 in New Delhi, Investment Visa, a renowned British-owned Golden Visa-dedicated business and a member of the Harland & Poston Group, will offer Greek Residency by Investment Options. According to David Poston, CEO and managing Director of Investment Visa, "the programme we are showcasing presents a path to EU residency, visa-free travel, and a Plan B strategy, among many other benefits."

"With our forward-thinking projects, Sobha Hartland 2 and Seahaven at IREX Delhi 2022, we at Sobha Realty are thrilled to illuminate the future of luxury living," says Francis Alfred, Managing Director of Sobha Realty. With its cutting-edge amenities and architecture, the Sobha Hartland 2 project redefines urban living. White Seahaven seamlessly combines sustainability and beautiful coastal views, and Resimax Group distinguishes itself by ensuring investors' income, purchase price, and build quality.

The team will show how Indian nationals can own property in Australia, qualify for up to 85% financing, and generate ongoing cash flow and capital gains from their investment for generations to come. They will do this by providing access to Australian investment properties in the areas with the highest growth rates. Ken Dodds, Director of Resimax Group in Australia, states

GMN Events Pvt. Ltd., a division of a global media firm, organizes road shows and events for its clients and represents a number of media and exhibition brands in the Indian market. GMN Events Pvt. Ltd. also organizes IREX. A special B2C show with a track record of fourteen profitable shows in India and the UAE since 2015, IREX