Rajasthan Single Sign On (SSO ID): All about User Registration, Facilities, Login, and Application Process

By Bricksnwall | 2024-05-09

Rajasthan Single Sign On (SSO ID): All about User Registration, Facilities, Login, and Application Process

The Rajasthan government has launched the Rajasthan SSO Portal. The goal of developing this portal is to give Rajasthan residents a variety of government services on one platform. SSO ID is a single-digit identifier for all applications in Rajasthan.

The SSO ID (Single Sign-On) is used to access numerous Rajasthan state government services and to complete all application forms online. Rajasthan's Single Sign-On ID grants users access to more than 100 online services.

On this page, we will provide you with all of the information you need about the SSO ID login, the registration process for an SSO ID, its applications, and more.

Steps to the Complete Login Process:

Visit the official webpage

Enter your Rajasthan Single Sign-On ID and password.

Select the 'Login' button.


To register for a Single Sign-On (SSO) ID in Rajasthan, complete these steps: 

Visit the official Rajasthan SSO website, sso.rajasthan.gov.in.

The homepage contains two options: 'Register' and 'Login'.

Click the 'Register' link.

For SSO registration, you must select one of three options: "Citizen," "Udhyog," or "Government Employee".

Then, fill out the needed information and input your mobile number.

Follow these procedures to successfully register for an SSO ID in Rajasthan.


Required Documents:

To register for online applications, make sure you have the following items:

For Citizens:

Jan Aadhaar 

Card Bhamashah Card 

Aadhaar Card.

Log in with Facebook or Google.

For industrialists:

Select the 'Udhyog' option and enter your Business Registration Number or Udhyog Aadhaar Number, as well as your SSO login credentials.

For government employees:

Select 'Government Employee' and input your SIPF number and password.

SSO ID Recovery

Visit sso.rajasthan.gov.in.

Scroll down and click "I Forgot My Password." "Click here".

Select the Recovery Method: Select from:

Mobile Number

Personal Email 

Aadhaar ID/VID

Following that, you will have the option to retrieve or reset your password.


The advantages of this ID in Rajasthan are as follows.

The portal offers a variety of services from both the government and business sectors.

It facilitates access to government programs by removing the need for physical visits.

It provides business and job options, thereby empowering residents financially.

The gateway decreases overcrowding in government offices.

It promotes transparency and timeliness in service delivery.

The recently implemented Rajasthan One Time Registration feature allows youth to register once for all government jobs in the state.

Rajasthan SSO Service List

This portal provides three major service types:


G2G Services (Government to Government): Services and information shared by government departments and workers. The services offered are:


Features include artisan registration, labor department management, integrated health management, and attendance tracking. 


MIS provides G2C (Government to Citizen) services to facilitate interactions and enhance citizen growth. The services offered are:

  • e-Mitra
  • Bhamashah Card
  • eHealth Records
  • Digital Visitor Register
  • Bank Correspondence
  • Drugs Control
  • Disaster Management
  • Department of College Education (DCEAPP)
  • Circuit House Management System
  • GPS Consultancy
  • E-learning for Students
  • Employment (Recruitment Portal)

G2B Services (Government to Business): Services that connect the government with the business sector to help business operations and development. These services include:

Business registration, GST home portal, building plan approval, and e-witnessing.

Here are the other services that can be accessed via the SSO interface or with an SSO ID:

To contact the helpline


dial 0141 5153 222 or 0141 512 3717, or send an email to helpdesk.sso@rajasthan.gov.in.

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