Towers can collapse at any time, a north Delhi flat RWA warns DDA

By Bricksnwall | 2023-12-10

Towers can collapse at any time, a north Delhi flat RWA warns DDA

New Delhi, Dec. 8 (PTI): The RWA of the northwest Delhi Signature View Apartments said on Friday that it had alerted the DDA about the four blocks' dangerous state, which could result in their collapse at any time.


In response, the DDA stated that it would investigate the possibility of these structures being demolished on their own.

 On Thursday, the Residents Welfare Association and the DDA conducted a meeting.


With 336 MIG and HIG apartments constructed between 2007 and 2009, the Mukherjee Nagar apartment complex faces demolition by the Delhi Development Authority due to construction flaws.


According to RWA President Amrendra Kumar Rakesh, the organization has requested that the DDA allow for a safe resident evacuation and the commencement of rent payments for the new residence.


"We informed the DDA officers about the unsanitary state of four blocks?D, E, I, and L?which, according to an IIT Delhi report, are in the worst possible condition and should be immediately evacuated and dismantled," Rakesh stated.


Almost all of the owners or allottees have given their assent, therefore he said it has asked that the DDA start paying rent to the inhabitants of the D and E block immediately. He added that rent can decrease at any time.


The majority of the inhabitants would be prepared to leave the apartments, the RWA informed DDA officials, if this demand was granted. Additionally, we stated that the RWA would not file a lawsuit or uphold any of the nine claims made by the petitioner if the demand is granted, Rakesh added.


RWA warned DDA that it would have no choice but to go to court if it did not accept our demand for rent with vacation.


Prior to this, the DDA had promised to cover rent for the occupants of the 336 apartments only if they leave. The RWA contested the clause, claiming that it was impossible to persuade all 336 flat owners to turn in their keys at once. It asked for permission to reduce the 100% vacation clause to 75% in the hopes that the other owners would soon follow suit.


However, the subject is now before the Delhi High Court since the occupants of nine units filed a lawsuit there and were granted a stay order prohibiting the DDA from taking any further action. stated the DDA.


RWA claimed that it has notified DDA that around 210 apartment owners have granted permission to take a vacation till Thursday, and 100 units are currently unoccupied. 

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