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5 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Cool Quotient

5 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Cool Quotient

Ritika | 2022-07-08

The way you design your house tells a lot about you, your choices, and your way of living. This is a general fact as all residents like to decorate their house in their style and keep it up to date. Routine upkeep of the house is necessary. However, some renovations or changes as per today’s style and the trend are also much needed to stay in comfort with peace. Some hire professionals for renovation or designing tasks as it helps them get better advice and suggestions because for them it is their business to design a house plan and complete the project on time. But, it is best to involve yourself in a homemaking task as only you know your needs and preferences better than anyone else and you can make it happen the way you like. Of course, some professional help would be icing on the cake.

Groundwork with Exploration

When budget scenarios for renovations come into play, you are expected to think and complete your work in a manner that does satisfy your budget plan. The plus point here is, that when there are restrictions, you force yourself to think out of the box and manage some efficient ideas and do-it-yourself techniques to fulfill your dream of renovations. The first stage of this is doing some groundwork and planning everything further according to stage one of processing which includes checking space, ideas, and labor to the last stage of completion. This is an important step as once you have split the task into stages, it becomes easier to monitor and complete it efficiently till the final stage. To do this more efficiently, stop and think once about what you actually need and how you prefer to execute it, then you will have a clear path to walk on and start your renovations.

Aggregating Finances

To begin with renovations, one basic point to consider is setting up a budget. You know what available and required funds you hold with yourself so decide and plan your budget accordingly. To do this, the first major step is research. Find out what current trend is going on in the market, how you can renovate your home as per your wish while not exceeding your budget, and what all tools like paints, furniture, or other things you will be needing for the process. This is a tricky task because there are several options available in the market, and you need to choose from them according to the price range. Here to make hourly work a bit easy, go for the online option where you can check various sites and compare prices and discounts available to buy the best product in a reasonable range. You will get some suggestions for second-hand products or cheap stores from online websites to buy your products at a lower cost.

Begin with a streak of lighting

How you enter is important as per Vastu. If you are to consider vastushastra, certain things should be kept in mind. Your door should be long-lasting as it will indicate a gesture of warm welcome for guests. To keep it durable, think of painting it time-to-time, or coat it for a better look. This is a fact from designers that your door design and look affect your room’s lighting for sure. Let's say, your wall color is of dark tone, then you can paint your door a similar tone but a bit lighter to give it better contrast with the room. Therefore, when you set your budget, see if remodeling your door can be added to the list. This will emphasize the room’s light better. Besides doors, other ways to strike lightning inside your house are to apply a coat of paint on all room walls but keep in mind your budget. Sometimes exploring new wall colors can overestimate your budget planning so stick with standard colors in this case. Think of grey or off-white and apply it everywhere to give your house a new look.

That being said, don’t forget about windows, as it has a major role to play when it comes to shining a light in the house. How would it look, if your garden has beautiful scenery but your inside view is dull and dark? To prevent this from happening, install larger windows that will allow natural sunlight to come inside the house and will shine your walls and inside area beautifully. Well if the budget comes into the role, it might be impossible to go for large size windows in which case you can apply a coat of bright colors on your window and this will also work like magic for you.

Redesign your space

You have researched, set a budget plan, and checked doors and windows, now it’s time to change room design. To redesign your room, space matters a lot because the design plan is made according to space and it should not look overfilled. So, if you have a smaller space and want to make it look spacious with a modern design interior, go for mirrors or larger windows as they will give a reflection of your area better than anything else. Sometimes making it clutter-free also helps in giving it a new look. Apart from the room, go for the kitchen or living area where you have numerous options to renovate it and make it look spacious. Take online websites to help where you can find multiple DIY to redesign your area in a cost-efficient manner yourself. If you have less time to invest in this, then you can take professional help and assign them to do your work but then it will be a costly method. In the end, you need to check your budget and see which options it allows you. If your kitchen wall is toned out, you can make some wall stickers at home and stick those on that wall. This will give your kitchen wall a new look. Therefore, you have many options to explore, but do not overestimate your planning while designing your house.

Flooring and Restrooms

After the room, comes your restroom and floor. You often seem to forget the fact that flooring plays a key role when giving your house a new look. Try out a different carpet, or tiles on the floor and see how it will change the look of the entire area. You can get expensive as well as cheap options when it comes to designing your floor. Tiles can be a bit of an expense if budget is a limitation, so go for simple yet classy rugs or carpets, it gives your floor and room a new look. About restrooms, you can go for way simpler ideas to change their budget look. Like cleaning all tiles and cabinets, changing the lights inside the restroom, bringing a new mirror for the wall, and installing different scented air fresheners.

A gist of all these suggestions is that renovating or giving your house a new look has a different meaning for different individuals. Some do it to bring more comfort and peace to their atmosphere while some think of it as a way of removing boredom. You can remodel your home in any way, either by using online DIY or by hiring a professional. But keep in mind that remodeling requires a lot of time and effort along with money and patience to change it the way you wished. 

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