Allu Arjun’s House in Hyderabad

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Allu Arjun’s House in Hyderabad

The house has a timeless appeal because of its modern yet simple style. You did really read correctly! His home is a straightforward, minimalistic, rectangle-shaped building with a white facade, which goes against the stereotype of star homes.

Despite the influence of his family, Allu Arjun has shown himself to be a talented artist and actor in the South Indian cinema business. He is the late Padmashree comedian and actor Allu Ramalingaiah's grandson. With his flicks Naa Peru Surya (2018) and Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020), this well-known artist has had enormous success.

The actor has excelled during the entire run of successful films, whether it is Pushpa's The Rise or Sarrainodu. Everything is possible for Allu Arjun, with the strength of his flicks and the visually stunning interior decor of his Hyderabad home! Not only has his style and acting been the buzz of the town, but his home has as well.

Now let's discover the secrets of Hyderabad's Allu Arjun Home, which has a white exterior and resembles a rectangular box.

Step Inside House of Wonders: 

 Allu Arjun House Address and Overview.

This South Indian film actor's magnificent home is located in Jubilee Hills, an upmarket suburb. Allu Arjun's home address is 1347, Rd No. 68, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033.

Previously, Allu Arjun and his wife lived in an ancestral home with their parents, brothers, and other family members. However, following Allu Bobby's marriage (Allu Arjun's brother), the actor relocated to his luxurious bungalow with his wife, Allu Sneha Reddy, children Arha and Ayaan, and dog Kazoku.

The exterior of Allu Arjun's mansion in Jubilee Hills is spotless white. Its rectangular, box-like design is sure to capture your notice. The distinctive appearance is due to renowned architect Aamir Sharma of Ameer and Hameeda Associates. Allu Arjun's mansion, dubbed 'Blessing,' lives up to its name.

Allu Arjun's Hyderabad home is an excellent illustration of how modern design ideas may be combined with traditional aspects to create a magnificent and comfortable ambiance. His home is filled with subtle elements that create a tale all its own. From the ornate ceiling patterns to the sophisticated furniture, every detail has been meticulously picked to create a welcoming and peaceful environment.

Price of the Allu Arjun House

The Allu Arjun home is reported to be worth around INR Rs.100 crore and spans 8000 square feet on a 2-acre block of land. Allu Arjun's mansion is quite expensive, but it is undeniably a gorgeous property with every luxury facility imaginable!

Allu Arjun's House Exterior: An Illustration of Minimalism

Allu Arjun's House in Hyderabad is flat-roofed, defined by straight lines, and has a clean white exterior. Aamir Sharma of Aamir & Hameeda Associates revealed that Allu Arjun and his wife Sneha Reddy wanted windows in the front, but he persuaded them to leave them out in order to add mystery to the design. As a result, the front face lacks windows and any architectural embellishment, with the exception of a slender and elegant horizontal glass strip that breaks up the monotony of pure white.


A corridor to the left marks the entrance to Allu Arjun's residence, leading to the pool and other amenities.

Once inside, the linear layout allows for a seamless transition from the living room to the dining, bar, and kitchen, providing a loft-style ambiance.


aalu arjun living room


The living room in Allu Arjun's Home has extensive white walls, which create a consistent motif throughout the house. The black couch brightens up the living space and contrasts beautifully with the greyish white walls. The crystal-studded chandelier provides a feeling of magnificence to the room. Indoor plants provide natural lighting and decorate their living room. The black and ivory art piece on the wall gives Allu Arjun's living room a vintage atmosphere.


Another sitting space in his home is given a pleasant air with light beige sofas and zebra-print cushions. A grey rug completes the look. The marble-topped side tables are placed next to the couches and decorated with plants and a silver lamp.

Family Room in Allu Arjun's House

aalu arjun family

The Allu family home has flair, and a wooden shelf in the center adds a touch of drama. This shelf with grey slabs, which match the rest of the house, holds family photos, plants, books, and a few other decorative items. The protective eye at the top captures one's attention. The center table features wonderful grey flow artwork and is set on top of gorgeous grey, fluffy carpeting. A peach ottoman with a partition showcases the family's subtle taste. Together, these pieces create a unique and appealing environment.

Allu's Kitchen with Modern Interior

aalu arjun house kitchen

The kitchen at Allu Arjun's Jubilee Hills home appears incredibly classic, with a white color scheme and glossy cabinets. The cooking area features a hardwood island that gives warmth to the space while establishing a faultless, ultra-modern ambiance. The same wooden island is their preferred location for cake cuttings at modest parties. Overall, Allu Arjun's kitchen is vast and modern, with white decor and wooden furnishings. The vibrant magnets on the fridge bring a touch of life to the kitchen.

The all-black bar area has a glossy appeal

allu arjun house glossy room

The all-black bar in Allu Arjun's House in Hyderabad is thoughtfully designed to complement the rest of the house's décor. Allu's bar area is decorated in black, giving it a shiny and elegant look.

The bar's glossy black island is amazing. The elegant black cabinets and LED lights in the background enhance the charm of the bar space. They contribute to the area's contemporary style and feel.

Kid's room with a wonderful view

allu arjun house kids room

Ayaan and Arha, Allu Arjun's children, have separate rooms decorated in pastel hues. How awe-inspiring. Ayaan's room features blue and white walls with multicoloured design components, while Arha's room is painted pink and white. The movie shows exactly how toys and books are placed in the white cabinet, as well as the white bed frame.

Swimming pool at Allu Arjun's house

allu arjun house swimming pool


The gorgeous swimming pool area of Allu Arjun's House in Hyderabad appears to be inspired by a sci-fi film. Mr. Allu Arvind, Allu Arjun's father, donated the luxurious swimming pool in his home to Allu Arjun's son Allu Ayaan on his birthday. The pool is placed beneath a white canvas canopy to protect it from the sun's rays.


The Allu family enjoys spending time in the pool area of their gorgeous property. The 'Blessing' room overlooks the bright garden and swimming pool, creating a relaxing setting. On his days off, the actor enjoys swimming in the large pool with his children.


Allu Arjun, a well-known Telugu cinema actor, has ensured that his home is equipped with all of the modern facilities and technologies, while also incorporating a traditional touch. With its stunning inside and appearance, it's no surprise that Allu Arjun lives such a wealthy lifestyle. Allu Arjun's residence in Hyderabad is a tribute to his achievement, and it reflects his dedication and hard work.

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