Things You Didn’t Know About Vastu Chakra

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Things You Didn’t Know About Vastu Chakra


Hello, Readers! Today, we want to share with you some fascinating facts about Vastu Chakra. Vastu Chakra is an ancient Indian practice. It focuses on harmonizing the energies in our living spaces. So, let's dive into the mystical world of Vastu Chakra. It is now time to discover some surprising things you may not have known before.

What is Vastu Chakra? 

Vastu Chakra is a Sanskrit term. The same translates to "wheel of Vastu." Vastu refers to the traditional Indian system of architecture. It takes into account the harmony and balance of the environment. The Vastu Chakra represents the cosmic energy pattern of a place. Thus, creating a positive and harmonious atmosphere.

The Concept of Energy Flow

According to Vastu Chakra, everything in the universe is made up of energy. This energy flows through different directions, known as the eight cardinal directions:

1.     North,

2.     South,

3.     East,

4.     West,

5.     Northeast,

6.     Northwest,

7.     Southeast and southwest 

Each direction has its significance and affects the energy flow within a space.

The Importance of Directions

In Vastu Chakra, directions hold great significance. Each cardinal direction influences different aspects of our lives. The east direction represents health and vitality. While the north direction symbolizes wealth and career growth. The south direction signifies fame and recognition. By understanding the importance of directions, we can align our living spaces and furniture. This in turn enhances positive energies. Balancing the energies in our surroundings promotes overall well-being and success. Vastu Chakra teaches us to respect the power of directions. Also, how to utilize them to create a harmonious environment. One that supports our goals and aspirations.

Balancing the Energies

Vastu Chakra emphasizes the need to balance the energies within a space. This can be achieved through the proper placement of:

1.     Furniture,

2.     Objects, and colors in alignment with the cardinal directions.

By maintaining this balance, it is believed that positive energies are enhanced. Ultimately leading to overall well-being and success. 

The Role of the Five Elements

Vastu Chakra also incorporates the five elements of nature:

1.     Earth,

2.     Water,

3.     Fire,

4.     Air and space 

Each element has a unique energy and is associated with specific directions. For instance, the earth is associated with the southwest direction. While water is linked to the northwest. By understanding these elemental connections, one can create a harmonious environment.

The Power of Colors

Colors hold immense power in Vastu Chakra. They can affect our emotions and energy levels. Each color is associated with specific directions and elements, creating a harmonious environment. Green, symbolizing growth, is linked to the east direction. While red, representing passion, is connected to the South. Blue is associated with tranquillity and is related to the northeast direction. The yellow signifies positivity and is linked to the southeast. Understand the influence of colors and use them strategically in our living spaces. Through this one can enhance the energy and create a vibrant atmosphere.

The Significance of Vastu Chakra in Architecture

Vastu Chakra is applied to residential spaces and also to architectural designs. Many architects incorporate Vastu principles in their creations. This is done to promote positive energies and well-being. Align buildings with the cardinal directions and use appropriate materials. With this architects aim to create a balanced and auspicious environment.


In conclusion, Vastu Chakra is a fascinating ancient practice. That focuses on harmonizing energies within our living spaces. By understanding the concepts of:

1.     Energy flow,

2.     Cardinal directions,

3.     Five elements, and colors, one can create a positive and balanced environment.

Whether it is for homes or architectural designs. Vastu Chakra continues to be relevant and influential even in the modern world. So, why not explore this ancient wisdom and create a harmonious space for ourselves?

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