The Noida Authority Adopted Safety Guidelines for High-Rises

By Bricksnwall | 2022-11-13

The Noida Authority Adopted Safety Guidelines for High-Rises

The Noida authority adopted safety standards for residential high-rises, created regulations for pet registration, and discussed concerns relating to the design of the projected sports city at its 207th board meeting on Saturday.


Noida requires registration of pets or else pay $10,000 as a fine. Noida launches a new policy on keeping pets in society. 

In this policy, pet owners involved in situations that harm people or animals will be subject to a Rs 10,000 fine Starting on March 1, 2023, and they will be responsible for the victims' medical expenses as well.


The Noida authority accepted safety requirements for residential high-rises, established rules for pet registration, and discussed issues regarding the architecture of the proposed sports city at its 207th board meeting on Saturday.


When the council approved the building safety regulations, it was decided that a professional agency would evaluate the building's security and identify who was in charge of it before an occupancy permit could be provided to a completed structure.


For reasons of safety, apartment owners have demanded structural audit standards for older buildings.


Following many incidents of dog attacks in the city, the Authority's board on Saturday authorised the policy to control the maintenance of pets and the feeding of stray animals in compliance with the Animal Welfare Board of India's regulations (AWBI).


The board also mandated the sterilisation and anti-rabies vaccination of pet canines as essential, in addition to making pet registration through its app, Noida Authority Pet Registration, required before January 31, 2023.


Pet owners who violate the law would be subject to a monthly fine of Rs 2,000.


The Noida Authority would offer an appropriate location for dog feeders. From March 1, 2023, the Authority may charge the offender a fine of Rs 10,000 for dog-related incidents. 


In the event of a dog bite, pet owners are responsible for the victim's medical costs.


Structural policy 

In its board meeting, the Noida Authority also established a structural policy for multi-story projects. According to this policy, before obtaining a partial or full occupancy certificate, developers must have a structural audit of their buildings performed by empanelled experts from IIT or NIT.


Layout of the proposed sports city 


In the meantime, a policy proposal for the structural audit of high-rise structures in the city was also accepted by the Noida Authority board. 


An official statement claims that the policy outlines the roles and duties of the builder and the residents' association with regard to the repair of structures that are shown to be deficient during the audit.


In Noida, there are about 100 high-rise projects, several of which include several towers.


And that?s why the Noida Authority is looking for a consultant to look at the condition of sports facilities in housing developments.


According to the layout plans, the housing projects were planned to contain areas for playing golf, table tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket, and other sports.


Playgrounds and multipurpose rooms were among the additional amenities that the projects, dubbed "sports cities," were meant to include.


Developing and benefiting the local communities 


According to the demand for proposals (RFP) document, the authority is tasked with creating a master plan for the area's development as well as delineating and developing the sites for different land uses.


Due to recent population shifts, the growth of sports cities will be extremely beneficial to the local communities. The deadline to submit bids is October 11.


In addition to the sporting facilities, a total of 32,000 apartments in various group housing projects were permitted. 


Only about 30% of their apartments have been delivered thus far, with the remainder still being built.


According to sources, the authority has yet to recoup more than Rs 4,000 crore from the builders to whom land was assigned.


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