11 Interior Design Hacks to Make Any Room Look Bigger
11 Hacks to Make Any Room Look Bigger | 2022

11 Hacks to Make Any Room Look Bigger | 2022

Chahat Babbar | 2022-05-18

Interior designing/decoration can be aspired by anyone for any space regardless of small or big.

You may mourn the inadequacy of a room if you are within the procedure of adorning a small room, but there are enough grounds why small is better: small spaces are simpler to decorate, simpler to sustain cleanse, and simpler to systemize.


In this certain blog, you will get to know about the 11 hacks to make any room look bigger. These simple tips will facilitate you to make your small room look bigger without breaking your bank account. Let’s get started without hovering here and there!

1. Free The Paths

When furniture and accessories become hindrances to the view into a room, it will seem confined. Thus, considering moving furniture out and away from walkways, you will be able to open up the room and make it feel larger.

You can also opt for short pieces of furniture such as an armless open chair, an ottoman, or a low table, and position large, tall pieces along a wall instead of out in the open room. If you can witness the floor, the space will seem larger.

2. Let Light Enter

Any room will seem bigger if it's well-filled with light. It may be either with natural light or artificial lighting.

Eliminate the heavy curtains, and open up the windows to let the light of the outdoors enter the room.

Besides, you can also include more lamps or establish track lighting or deep-set lighting.

3. Take Off The Mess

There is nothing that turns a small space feel more narrowed than having excessive stuff.

Figure out the methods to get collections out of view, systemized behind doors, table skirts, or shelves.

With things neatly organized and out of view, the room that is in sight will feel neat and candid.

4. Prefer Smooth, Daylight Hues

Whereas dark, warm colors turn the room feels cozy and close, light, cool colors translate the space feel open and airy.

For the best effect, you can opt for the soft tones of blue and green.

5. Organize Wall and Fittings Colors

Contrasting colors hold the tendency to break up a room, making it look even smaller than actual.

Furniture pieces that meet the wall color are less discordant and possess the tendency to mix with the room, rendering the illusion of a bigger space.

6.  Maintain Plain Stuffing

Choose steady-colored stuffing for furniture instead of bold plaids, stripes, or prints.

Consider texture for interest and neutral tones whenever seems possible.

7. Continue to Light Fabrics

Light fabrics enable light to infiltrate window treatments, bed skirts, and table coats.

If you wish for something other than plain colors, you can also discover soft floral vines or easy stripes to keep the appearance simple.

8.  Employ An Unbiased Color Plan

Opt for the colors that are in a similar family, and utilize shade-on-shade woven stuffing fabrics, textured wall finishing, and tonal hanging fabrics

Calm colors and sensitive warm colors on most surfaces extend a small space to a more open view.

9. Utilize Glass and Lucite

With the help of materials that you can follow through, anything beyond will seem further.

Let’s understand this with an instance, in a tiny bathroom, eliminate an obscure glass shower enclosure and replace a clear, frameless one. The room remains in the equivalent size, yet simultaneously it will seem bigger.

Now, you can witness entirely the wall at the shower back - it may only be 3 feet extra, but it extends the difference to a dramatic extent.

Moreover, you can also consider using glass or Perspex for tabletops. With a robust base of wood, stone, or metal, the room around the table will open up the view farther away.

10. Add Pensive Surfaces

Consider using a large framed mirror on a wall, or stand an outsized framed mirror against a wall. You will attain the same room-broadening effect as a mirrored wall, yet with more style.

The room and light will be mirrored, leading to a more open feeling. Top a coffee table or side table with a fraction of a slanted plate mirror, or buy a mirrored chest of drawers for an equivalent effect.

11. Do It Big

Take the help of some big, easy furniture pieces or accessories rather than numerous smaller pieces, which translate into a small room, and seem cluttered.

With an open room and big blocks of color, the room will look to be calmer and comfier.


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