Job Opportunities

Want to work with us! Or looking for a job opportunity, here we are providing you a great opportunity to work with BricksnwWall. We tend to get someone in our team who is passionate about real estate and someone who’s not just for the sake of working or meeting targets but genuinely working to help people get the best they can. If you believe you have that zeal in you to perform and guide people to fulfill the need they desire to have, then you should come and join us. Job opportunity is open for mainly two processes in the organization first is backend jobs consisting of HR, accounting, and finance. The next process is for the onboard customer care and sales personnel. We understand that this journey is difficult and it might take some time for you to work in this dynamically changing environment. But we are here to smoothly run the process and be there for our employees too. We tend to provide lead generation training and various other training to the employees who wish to work for the sales and customer care executive.